What does PNAP do?

PNAP is an independent, non-profit organization, approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing, dedicated to helping nurses and nursing students deal with substance use and psychological disorders. Since its inception in 2009, PNAP has established itself as an experienced, successful, credible monitoring and advocacy program. PNAP is not a part of the State Board and is not a regulatory agency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, intervene upon, advocate for, monitor and provide support, help, and hope to any nurse or nursing student experiencing addiction or mental health disorders.

Our Goals

  • To protect the public from a nurse who may not be safe to practice.
  • To promote early identification, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation for any nurse or nursing student diagnosed with a substance use disorder or mental health disorder.
  • To assist a nurse or student in the recovery process and eventual safe return to practice by monitoring compliance with the contract requirements.
  • To increase awareness of impairment issues through the education of nurses, students, employers and peers within the nursing community.
  • To continue to improve our monitoring and advocacy program to assure that we remain a credible, professional organization
“Three years ago, I came into this program not knowing if I’d be a nurse again. I can’t find the exact words to express the desperation that I felt that morning I called PNAP.”