PNAP Mission Statement

To identify, intervene upon, advocate for, monitor, and provide support, help, and hope to the Nurse or Nursing Student experiencing Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Disorders, and/or Physical Disorders that may affect their ability to practice.

Since our inception on May 17, 2009, The Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program has assisted over 5,000 licensed nurses in Pennsylvania.  We are proud to say that through our monitoring program our nurses demonstrate a 91% full compliance rate. We have not only assisted nurses in saving their careers but, more importantly, their lives!

We offer nurses an opportunity to face challenges in their lives head-on and come out even stronger in the end. It is a chance for nurses to reclaim a life and career they have worked so hard to build. We also assist nurses who have been suspected of diversion of controlled substances or of being impaired on duty.

We identify and offer a solution to the problem that current estimates say 1 out of 5 nurses will succumb to during their careers, becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol. They have invested so much into their careers, which makes the thought of losing it so scary, and the prospect of harming a patient even worse!

The Problem? Substance abuse and psychological or related problems that are threatening a nurse’s practice or that of a colleague.

The Solution. Safe, caring, and confidential assistance…the PNAP program is a proven, peer-assisted approach that has helped hundreds of nurses to choose recovery and is an alternative to public and permanent discipline on a nurse’s license.

 For assistance, please call:

877-298-7627 ext. 1